Are you looking to start a new career in the removals and storage business, its easy, just buy a van, hire your friend, and your in business, right…………………….. WRONG

Most new businesses fail because of lack of planning and training.

The removals and storage business is a booming industry, and the right person, with the right business planning, with the right training, in the right area, will always be successful

Were here to help………………..

Training in the removals business…. is our business, we also run a hugely successful removals business, we can have you up and running, on the road to a successful career within the week, tapping into our experience, training and guiding

Call us now at our new Midlands Training Centre for more information 07564580893 for instant response seven days a week, we love to talk business


If your serious about a successful career in the removals and storage business, your first step should be to get the right training and the right, professional advice, and the good news is……… you have come to the right place

We have the experience, the knowledge, the professional approach to get you started in this lucrative career

Its not just a question of loading a vehicle and moving the items from one location to the other, for a start where are you going to get your clients from? how much do you charge? how do you sell the service? quick tip, never sell the price, always sell the service.

We provide you with a full “instant start up” package that includes all the training, all the business documents including, fully customised database for all of your invoicing and quote producing, spreadsheets, sales templates, inventory sheets, marketing tips, absolutely everything you need to get started, and all the support you need to grow your business in your area

A unique opportunity to join us as one of our network partners running your business in your area on one of our monthly licences

We have made everything seamless and easy to get you up to full steam, running a profitable business, in your very own area

Lets talk business…………. 07564580893  we wont waste your valuable time


Our Training Centre is located in the MIDLANDS

It is a fully functioning business location, so not only do you get full professional training you also get to experience a full, hands on, working experience, seeing and experiencing the actual business in full flow

We cover the whole structure of the business, not just the actual final leg of the project, but the whole approach from start to finish

Generating enquiries, responding to enquiries, selling the service, pricing, upselling, resources required for the project, marketing, operating licence requirements, time management

You as the business owner should have a well trained team to provide, your business, to your clients, and we will fully prepare you for the business, from start to finish

Phone us now for more information on 07564580893 and lets talk business, you can even come along to the Training Centre for a full hands on “taster session” before you commit yourself to a full Training Course


Give us a call, what are you waiting for, time is money, if your ready for a change of career, were ready to train you

Our Business doesnt even suffer in “LOCKDOWN”, this year has been our busiest ever, business is booming, call us now 07564580893 

or email…………… info@theremovalscompany.co.uk